May 11, 2008


Lots of news, no good photos. So Saturday was spent up at Black Mountain, working stuffs and falling, falling, falling. I cleaned off an ultra classic, but after 20 minutes of brushing I decided it needed 20 minutes more. I gave up, so that gem is open for all. And let me tell you, what a gem it is.

Isn't it annoying how there aren't names for so many great problems at Black Mountain? I did this thing behind NRA, in that cluster of boulders with four lines. You know, the one on the far left going out the steep arete. I'm sure it's been climbed before, but who knows who. I'm calling it Champagne Arete (V9) after the bottle Dave and I were drinking to make our tips hurts less. Let's see if it catches on.

Today I went dirt bike riding. I've only been once before, in high school, for 30 seconds. Then I hit a fence and broke off the clutch lever, and my friend's mom wouldn't let me on again. Boo. Finished up the day with a Thresh Hold staff partay at a bowling ally. Like all good bowling ally adventures, it ended with us getting kicked out.


JohnClimbRok said...

good tags

shannon said...

you spelled champagne wrong.

shannon said...

unless of course, you're naming your problem after Champaign, Illinois?