August 13, 2010

Horribly Negligent

It is unconscionable, I know, but in my defense, blogging isn't my highest priority in life. And I'm lazy. Rousseau was right, why did god make us so damn lazy? You want to get rid of sin, give us a constitution that allows for more productivity. 

Productivity is on my mind these days as I sit in SoCal frantically writing my prospectus. It's got to get done, may as well be now.

In the meantime, as I procrastinate with this post, here are some photos from last week's trip to Tuolumne. Long moderates were the norm, although an inspiring day on Peace makes me want to return. But, oh yea, the prospectus.

Charlotte lead all of Cathedral Peak. I got guided.
Party ledge on top.
Jumping off the lip at the Third Pillar of Dana.
Tenaya Lake, of course.

Charlotte on nubbins at Medlicott.

June 04, 2010

josh photo shoot

I spent monday at Josh shooting some photos with Greg Epperson. We spent 13 hours on this. In the heat. Being pretty is much more difficult than climbing hard. First we have Factor One, a 13a next to Father Figure near Barker Dam.

Then a little Rastafarian.

Now New Deal, possibly the first 14a established by an american.

Finally My Idea of Fun, a cool looking dike out Echo Rock.

perhaps i'm maybe blogging again

Alright, since it's summer time I think I'll start this thing up again. New design. Stripped down. Bright colors. There may be some kinks in it, so if you find some, let me know.

November 28, 2009

Fort Collins

In Fort Collins for the weekend, spending time with my little sister, Cassie (or Cassandra as I am not told) and her husband-to-be Corey. For those of you who know the family, here are some updates, in photos.

Corey. Soon to be a member of the family. Has a truck that sometimes runs and a bike that sometimes runs.

Cassie. Difficult to photograph due to not liking it. Soon to be adding another member to the family, little Thomas Aquinas. At least that's who I assume she's naming him after.

Linda. Amazing vocabulary. I've never seen anything like it.

Joel. It looks like a smile, but it's not. Actually a breathing technique picked up from Alberto Contador.

Jumping in Rocky Mountain National Park. We also saw some elk. They are large.

November 26, 2009