November 28, 2009

Fort Collins

In Fort Collins for the weekend, spending time with my little sister, Cassie (or Cassandra as I am not told) and her husband-to-be Corey. For those of you who know the family, here are some updates, in photos.

Corey. Soon to be a member of the family. Has a truck that sometimes runs and a bike that sometimes runs.

Cassie. Difficult to photograph due to not liking it. Soon to be adding another member to the family, little Thomas Aquinas. At least that's who I assume she's naming him after.

Linda. Amazing vocabulary. I've never seen anything like it.

Joel. It looks like a smile, but it's not. Actually a breathing technique picked up from Alberto Contador.

Jumping in Rocky Mountain National Park. We also saw some elk. They are large.

November 26, 2009


I refer you to my other half for comments.


I've been MIA at blog city recently, or rather, at this particular one. I've been visiting relatives over at the Black Mountain Blog, getting as much done on the guide as possible before the season ends.

Oh yea, and philosophy. Lots of philosophy. I just finished a draft of a major paper, and even got a shout out on the illustrious Splintered Mind.

Perhaps I will stay here for a while, now that I'm sick of bouldering and the major philosophical thoughts are out of my head...but we'll see.