April 03, 2008

China China China

I has come to my attention through the dark allies and back streets of the climbing underground that there is a new video of climbing in Yangshuo. Check it here, sweet spot #16. See all those falls on the Moon Hill Arch in the beginning of the short film? Yea, those are all on my beloved Sea of Tranquility. I'm glad those bastards took some whippers before supplanting my baby with a new hardest climb in China.

In more China news, there is an article on my trip in the newest Urban Climber. A feature article, a cover article, with lots of awesome photos of me and everything. Above you may find Shannon inflating her ego by way of narrative, a photo robbed from John, thanks doll face.


Justin said...

dude, at least your climb is all natural (I'm assuming here) check out this blog, which speaks to the nature of the new hardest. Poo Poo.


Kevin said...

Sea of Tranquility is the gayest name ever.

Johnclimbrok said...

Ask him to explain it's deep meanings.

Alan Moore said...

excuse me, but the climb is on Moon Hill, and the Sea of Tranquility was the site of the first moon landing. gay, or incredibly deep and perceptive?