April 01, 2008

I'm Boring

I've been so boring recently, I'm tired of me. My car suffered a slight mechanical malfunction - the radiator broke. The headlights, hood, and bumper also broke at the same time. What are the odds of that? Want to see a disgusting photo, then take a look. My once mighty steed, down to this.

Funny enough, I make a fair bit of money in the process. The accident served to draw all of the equity out of the car in one gulp, giving it to me in a check instead of slowly depreciating over time. Not a bad deal, but I still want a car that runs. Luckily my rental has XM radio, and the all Michael Jackson station has been on non-stop for two weeks now.

I've also got some images here of The Great Couch Lift. Jake's new futon was too large to go up the stairs, so we hoisted it up the side of the building. Three stories was nothing, even with that damn metal frame. The whole project took just an hour, so check those skillz. Anyone need a furniture lift, just come talk to me. I'll make it happen.

Seriously though, I really do feel boring. I need to get out of this country for a while. Alan wasn't made for staying in the same place this long. It's been over three months since I crossed the border. Help.

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Johnclimbrok said...

If if wasn't for your blog I would've thought that you did an awesome custom job on your car. Pretty sweet shit there in Riverside.