January 06, 2008


The theme today is rooms. We really found some winners in Mexico. After a day in Puebla putzing around town, seeing one of latin america's largest pyramids buried under a hill (it looked like any fucking hill to me), and doing you know all that stuff, Jesse and I found the most amazing hotel. Square, two stalls in the corner, one for showering, one for the toilet. You lock the toilet stall from the outside. Jesse was showering, I was peeing, we high-fived.

Then we left for the small beach town of Tecolutla, I'm still not entirely sure why. We wanted a beach, the decent ones on the west coast were too far away, the close ones in the gulf were too polluted, so somehow we ended up seven hours away by party bus.

Jesse found us another sweet place, renting out a space from The Dude out of The Big Lebowski. It wasn't so much a hotel as not a hotel, Jesse saw The Dude drinking beer out front after reading this sign advertising rooms. We realized later that Jesse mistranslated the wall - this was the Dude's attempt at putting his house on the market. He said interest was limited, but there were buyers. I said he should advertise on craigslist instead.

It started raining, so the beach was basically a bust. We spent New Year's Eve drinking tequila in the square surrounded by a bunch of mexican families. The three of us and the Dude were the only gringos in town, but I think we had enough tequila to do a decent job of fitting in.

We took a boat ride through the mangroves with The Captain the next day. When we first met him he was simply trashed, and he was fucking hilarious, so we decided to come back the next day for an adventure. He wasn't nearly as much fun on the hangover.

I had an epic return, over 30 hours traveling, crossing the border at 1:30 am with no wallet or cell phone and just $15 in pesos. Can't talk about it now, still too soon, too traumatic. Give me a day.

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