January 16, 2008

The Return

I've been horribly neglectful of my blogger duties. Let me begin by finishing off my trip to mexico. So here it is, The Return:

I left Tecolutla because I had a seminar to get back in time for. Unfortunately, all of the buses were booked because of the holdays. So I had to be creative. An hour ride got me to Poza Rica, then a three hour wait, then a 1:00 am bus to Puebla, then an hour wait, then a two hour bus to mexico city, then getting lost on the metro, picking up a bag I left, more metro, then waiting in the airport. I was on standby, and I spoke with a woman who had been waiting since 5:00 am to get on a flight with no luck. In fact, no one on the waitlist had found an open spot all day.

So I waited in apathy an depression. This photo here is after eight hours in the airport. You can literally see my spirit dying in atrophy. That's right, I'll use "literally" however the hell I want to.

Dumb luck and charm got me a flight, last of the evening, only one who got on it. I was so late, one of the workers ran to the terminal with me, on the phone calling the gate to hold the plane for me.

I crossed the border with $15 in pesos and a passport, nothing else since I lost my cell phone in Monterrey and got my wallet stolen in Mexico City. I needed to get a hold of Amna who was waiting to pick me up, but I had no change. And it was 1:30 am so everything was closed. I tried calling collect, but no dice on her cell phone. So I traded a cabbie some pesos for change, but you can't make long distance calls from pay phones anymore with cash, you've got to use a card. Fuck. So close, but fuck. I finally borrowed a drunk's cell. I got home at 3:30 am. It was nearly 30 hours of travel, shit.

So now the quarter has begun. Damn. Damn. I need to climb more.


shannon said...

should have started walking. we had an easier time getting home from china - john must be more charming than you.

Justin said...

the only part of that blog I understood was the very last line.

mandi said...

I just LOVE Graduate school. I must be SO SMART because I'm in grad school. You know, I bet that you are smart too. Only smart people get PhDs. That's why we are SO HAPPY ::twitch twitch:::