November 21, 2007

My Car

This sentra of mine is pretty much bad ass. It's hauled a queen sized mattress and box spring two hours, with a rope wrapped through the windows, locking the doors like the General Lee. That climbing rope has never been quite the same. I've fit four people, climbing gear, and camping gear on a 15 hour ride across Utah and Nevada. It has no back seat because I needed more room for crashpads and sleeping. It's been attacked by a bear, bottomed out in the triple digits, and still gets 40 mph on the freeway. What a fucking sweet ride.

I treat the car like a mobile home. I just realized that my trunk has a better stocked bar than most houses. It is not uncommon for it to contain a bottle or two of baijiu (chinese alcohol at 56%), mixing for the occasional Tom Collins (imported vodka, limes, club soda, agave nectar), a bottle of cheap wine, typically Charles Shaw, and the accompanying utensils (knife, cutting board, corkscrew, bottle opener, etc). Its primary shortcoming is an acute lack of glasses - I have a feeling the difference between heaven and hell may be nothing more than this. Both have all the alcohol you could want, but in one you have to drink straight from the bottle like a hobo.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, my well stocked trunk is indicative of the fact that I really haven't been drinking recently, those studies are taking their toll. I know I don't have my act together well enough to replenish supplies if they ever get low, it takes me days to get toothpaste when I run out. Thinking back, I haven't had a Tom Collins in two weeks, my old buddy must feel neglected. I suppose Baijiu is the one true winner here, I can never say no to the B. He's too useful for my training, the ultimate performance enhancing drug.

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