September 16, 2007

Pirate Party

Chinaclimb sent us off in style yesterday, perhaps a pirate party? That hat you see is a cowboy that I had modified by some dude with a hand crank sewing machine by the river. But this is what I don't get, in the last week I've purchased six swords and then when it came time to party pirate style they were no where to be found. My epithet, Alan Red Beard.

Colton went all out on this one, which tattoos are real and which were for the party? Here is Claire and Jake with the baijiu, I don't think I will ever love a woman half as much as I love my Baijiu. By the way, Chinese moonshine party in SoCal in about a month, as soon as my homemade rice wine cures.

I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think the most fun thing I've ever done is run through crowded streets in China brandishing a sword and yelling yelling aarrrrr. Ever.

So the shot of me and Abi, and then my favorite photo, Alan Red Beard and some blond head.

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1 comment:

Raffaela said...

Yeah the pirate party was the best!
To good to resist our daily school program in Yangshuo. ;)

Greeting from Germany.
Ela and Betty