November 02, 2008

A Road Less Traveled

In a little fit of rebellion toward the practice of updating classic literature into contemporary prose (especially when it was written in verse - what an abomination!), I wrote this years ago. A reinterpretation of Robert Frost, with the fat trimmed and a little teenage angst added to help the reader connect.
The Road Not Taken (A Traveler’s Torment)*
by Robert Frost
A Modern Translation by Alan Moore
I was walking in the woods and there was a road. I looked down it, and it looked nice. Then I walked down it, and it has made a big difference.
*This poem has been slightly abridged. The second road was left out because it was never actually walked down. This poem has also been translated into prose in order to make is more accessible.

Ewwwie! Gross! If you are barbarish and don't get it, read the original, complete with wrong title and misspelling, because I love the internet which can do no wrong.

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