October 29, 2008

Russell the Pimp

Yesterday I voted. I grew up in one of the most conservative districts in Cali, hell, the the democrats didn't even run against the incumbent Ted Gaines, some jerk republican baby killer. So I wrote in my own candidate: little Jackie Paper from Puff the Magic Dragon (watch the video and just try not to be moved. You have no heart). I wrote in that he was a minor, entirely fictitious, and doesn't live in the district (but rather the land called Honna Lee), but he would probably do a better job than Ted Gaines. Little Jackie Paper has no chance in the heartless land of my youth, where dreams go to die.

Oh, but the photo! That's Bertrand Russell there, being the ball player that he was. I'm on a committee to come up with awesome stuff for the philosophy department to do. We unanimously named it the Lord Russell Committee, since he was a philosopher who knew how to have a good time, smoking tobacco, drinking liquor, sleeping with everyone's wife, you know, the usual.

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