October 30, 2008

Oh No!

My roommate was fired from his job as a teacher today for being gay. Of course that wasn't explicit, but it is pretty clear from the complaint that this is the deal.

Charges include showing an indecent movie (actually rated PG-13); having indecent photos on his computer, one of which is a photo of his arm around his husband; talking about making out with a chic [sic] on a cruise, which is unlikely, since he's...umm...gay; giving a group of students a bad grade; other bullshit like this. Seven pages. Seven pages! When it isn't obvious lies, like the charge that he took underage students drinking on a school sponsored trip to london (not school sponsored, ex-students, not underage across the pond), the charges are all hearsay. The draft is so full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors - fucking frustrating.

I want to get even somehow, so I went looking for means of revenge, and I found crabs! Of course! Revenge crabs, to put in the superintendent's bed to make him itchy itch with my indignation. Each scratch would give me satisfaction.

Honestly though, there aren't a whole lot of other options. My roommates pay is suspended, if he get's another job he can't pursue damages for this one, and his union is doing jack shit. Don't even get me started on the union. They have done absolutely nothing for him, a teacher for twelve years who took the school's team to nationals for Mock Trial. They've just been complicit, sucking the superintendent's dick the whole time. The only comment the union representative said during a meeting today was that he would still have to pay his dues now that he's fired if he wants the help of the union.

If McCain wins, that would just top it. You know what did it? A couple of Jehovah's Witnesses came to the house yesterday morning and I asked them a number of hard questions about free will and homosexual marriages. This is god's punishment? Or maybe it was because I've played Madlibs with the bible? Who knows these things.

As tough as all this is, imagine being forced to watch this video 100 times in a row. I suppose life could get worse.

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Justin said...

Jesus is not my homeboy. I feel sick hearing this news. Hopefully, your roomate can get his job back and the principal will get the fucking chair.