April 17, 2008

Ferrari the Jerk

I forgot about this. Last weekend up at Tramway this bastard in the Ferrari took up two spaces. How expensive does your car have to be in order for you to feel justified in sitting double? The BMW in the next space over didn't feel like he had the right. The socialist in me didn't like the hierarchy, so I took back one of the spaces. The parking lot security guard loved what we were doing, and gave us moral support in a maternal kind of way. Sure, there were other spots, but I wanted that one. What a jerk. Him or me?

I was up at the tram on Monday as well for a late night session. I got back to the upper tram station at 9:00, and no one told me this, but the trams only run every forty-five minutes once it gets dark. I was bored for the whole time as the workers cleaned up the place, sitting for the last ten minutes in darkness after they turned off the light. The gift shop was closed - the bar was closed. It was it miserable, so don't miss that 9:00 tram next time you do some headlamp night bouldering.


Louie Anderson said...

If it were me, I would have pushed my car a little closer. He could have always gotten in his passenger side.

I applaud your reaction and in my mind, he's most definitely "the jerk."

shannon said...

i agree- you definitely should have removed all chance of him getting into his car on the driver's side.

it's a shitty 80's ferrari anyway- this guy is clearly a rich has-been

mandi said...

yeah. I think I might have parked a little closer myself. and then taken a dump on the hood of his car.

Justin said...

I'm sure he bought it at one of those government auctions where they sell the property of drug dealers and what not. I bet he only spent 10k or less. What a poser.

Alan Moore said...

look at this, no respect for a class hierarchy here. wwwwooooo!!!