March 15, 2008


I feel really lonely now, not in life, or the world, but in the universe. From the 1940s until just recently, mankind has been using stronger and stronger transmitters to send TV, radio, and mind control signals around the globe. A portion of these signals leaked out into space, making the presence of intelligent life visible to anyone watching, out there, on far away planets. We predicted this trend would continue and increase, but as it turns out, much of our communication now flows through wires and fiber optic cables, reducing our electro-magnetic mark on the universe. If the trend continues, we may become virtually invisible.

To make matters worse, this complicates our own search for life and the Drake Equation. The variable L in the original equation, the length of time that an advanced civilization releases signs of life, may be short indeed, perhaps just one hundred years. Oh no! There could be life all over this galaxy that is only detectable for a small window, roughly correlated with the time between the invention of radio and the increase in high capacity fiber optic infrastructure.

That is why I am lonely. Help me out by answering this serious question that I've got. How many Wu-Tang videos contain fake flames, and I'm not only talking about Wu-Tang proper, but solo careers as well. You've got some awesome ones in ODB's (god rest) Shimmy Shimmy Ya, but the prize has got to go to Wu Tang's Triumph video. With all those special effects, it must have cost millions to make. Any others?


Johnclimbrok said...

great use of punctuation to set the rhythm. Also, the simultaneous levels of your theme was truly deep. Maybe deeper than ever. Crazy to see that "the search for life" and the Drake Equation are one and the same. Thank heavens for wikeepeed! I think the answer to your ultimate question is the number 3. It's the magic number.

Johnclimbrok said...

p.s. my layout is way better than yours.