February 24, 2008

Two in a Week

Raining in Riverside, sunny in the desert. So depressing to wake up to the dreary weather, but those oldies (nudies?) in Palm Springs were hording all the sun. Yet another reason to leave Riverside, and lord knows there are many.

But the point, I sent another V11 today, the Lamprect Problem (SP?) over by Pigpen. This must be one of the first few ascents, I know this problem isn't repeated often. I think I was special made for this one though. It's always refreshing when those route skills of mine come into play - I got 6 kneebars on this little boulder problem.

Sorry there aren't any photos, this is a left over shot from last weekend in Bishop, courtesy of Johnny. Hey, like I said, this morning was depressing with the rain, and depression leads to forgetfulness, forgetfulness to lack of a camera. Or so I'm told.

[UPDATE] - I hear from a reliable source that this is likely the second ascent of the problem. Not bad, especially since the FA was over five years ago.

1 comment:

Tom Mulhall said...

Thanks for saying I am the nudie stealing all the sun in sunny Palm Springs.

Don't worry, I am good at sharing my toys and sunshine.

Good luck with your blog.
Tom the Palm Springs nudie