December 02, 2007

Late Night Quarry

After our last night quarry debacle, Jake and I opted to forgo the headlamps this time, climbing by the eerie glow of the LA lights. These lights have stolen the very stars from the sky, so I put them back in, with nebulas and shit.

And I've just got to say, what a stuck up prick Europe is. It tarnishes the aesthetics of ending the english names for the continents with the female latin ending 'a'. I call bullshit - if the Americas, Antarctica, Africa, Asia, and Austrialia are all female, why does Europe have to be such a fucking contrarian? Besides, Europe was named after a princess...guess her name...Europa. So what the fuck?

Was Europe feeling vulnerable, merely stating its individuality like the goth dude wearing a black dress and eyeliner in junior high? Or is Europe sexist, positioning itself as the patriarchical leader of the world just as the father is the head of the household? I lean towards viewing Europe as a douche bag asshole, but then again, that's kind of my default stance towards everything.

By the way, check out page 44 of this issue of Urban Climber. I'd forgotten that photos even came on paper, I though you could only view them on computer screens. But I've got to say, there's something about print that gives this photo so much more substance. Old fashioned?

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Johnclimbrok said...

It's official. You're getting funnier as you get older. Seriously, you're ridiculous.