October 14, 2007

The Mastodon

The run down today, a list: studied in the morning, ran up a big hill, climbed a fucking mastodon, ran back down the hill, drove to the quarry, climbed 11 pitches by headlamp on a garage sale rope, spotlighted by a ghetto bird, pulled over at a traffic stop, nearly shot by the cops while being frisked, ate a burrito.

Check out how shitty that dinosaur is. Rusty sheet metal, glad I've got my shots, a superman of sorts. And then there's the smog. SoCal is rad.

The cops had me on the ground, nearly in cuffs and called for the passenger to get out. Jake was trying to eat a burrito, and didn't want to get shot, so he yelled back that he was going to put the burrito down. The cops couldn't hear him, so hands on the guns till jake finally opened the door. I guess he found a place to put it.

My rope was a gift from my aunt who found it at a garage sale. Good enough for me. When you've got to choose between two devils and you know one of them is total shit, sometimes the unknown is worth it. I need to throw away all of my climbing gear, my old rope has about 40 meters left, duck tape is an integral part of my harness, my draws are over 12 years old, and of course my shoes have holes. I feel like a climber out of a dickens novel. Gear for the poor gov'na?

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