December 06, 2007

La Boheme

Yesterday I went to the opera like a proper academic should, making up I hope for some of the non-academic stuff I do, like I don't know, maybe this. That's right, wait for it to load. As John pointed out, I'm not even Latin. Or having friends like this. Some opera was definitely needed.

Who went - surprises: Jake, Amna, and I. We saw La Boheme in downtown LA, and it was pretty much badass. They weren't so much people as enchanting nymphs. People don't make noises like that and people tend to speak english, so I leave the inference to you. You can see a clip here.

Then after teaching at 7:00 fucking AM I got sucked into a picket line for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). The union represents the service employees for the UC system, thats janitors, cooks, security guards, bus drivers, groundskeepers, etc. They're on a one day strike over contract negotiations with the UC Regents, what do you know, the regents bargaining in bad faith. So I carried a picket sign for an hour until reinforcements came and I could abscond back to my philosophy.

Look what business ethics does, it makes me care about the workers or something. I've learned that life is generally better when one has few cares, so this whole business ethics thing might be bad for my well-being. We'll see.

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