December 07, 2007


This year I'm forgoing christmas in favor of Hanukkah. Let me think, one day of presents - or eight? Humm...that's a tough call there. It's like, would I rather have one hot girl on my arm, or eight? Actually, maybe that isn't the best analogy, I'm not sure I'm capable of handling one. Or maybe it is?

I'll be in Mexico over christmas, so skipping it is no big loss. Besides, I'm in SoCal over Hanukkah, so it wins the holiday war. Actually, Jake and I have been celebrating Car-nukkah, since we always seem to be on the move at sundown. Check out my awesome hat, Jake gave it to me in a Crown Royal sack. It's a "Jew in a Bag," just add water since that's like 90% of what we're made of. Following Isaac Brock, the other 10% is shit.


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