November 12, 2007


A long weekend is what I've got this week. I'm not god or an ex-president or anything, but I wish I could conjure up holidays at will. I don't have to meet with any of my students today, sick.

Jake and I went to an M.I.A. concert on Friday, there's one of her videos down there at the end. She dances like a duck stepping on broken glass, but there's something way hot about it. We pulled the concert off in style. Our tickets were for the balcony, which would be total shit, so we worked our way down onto the floor. In the process of sneaking ourselves in, we helped get 6 or so others down there as well, not out of altruism, but as a means to our end. It was like some fantasy story, where the old man you help early in the adventure turns out to be a powerful mage and ends up aiding you in the final fight. But the mage was under 20, and had downstairs tickets instead of magic.

Then we wanted to get down into the pit, but we needed armbands for that. So we turned our 21+ bands inside out to approximate the color and walked in like we know our shit. Well played. M.I.A. fell back into the crowd at one point and I totally messed up her hair. Like a noogie but sweeter. She loved it.

My goal was to see Nick's play on Saturday, the elephant man, but surprise I was late and the doors were locked. J-Tree takes a long time to return from when there's traffic I guess. He got mad at me but I bought him a cake today so I think it's forgiven. I'll try again Thursday, with any luck I won't fuck it up this time. I probably will.


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