November 12, 2007


There are only a handful of mass media news outlets in the world that I trust, and I spend most of my time reading the New York Times, the Financial Times of London, and the Daily Yomiuri out of Japan. The BBC on NPR also gets some props, but everything else in this country is a crock of shit.

Remember this classic Simpsons episode where Homer is accused of sexually harassing the babysitter. CNN interviews him and doesn't like his responses, so they re-edit the footage to get something sexier as the clock jumps back and forth in the background. I want some of her sweet sweet can.

[UPDATE]: The video has been taken down, just to spite me I'm sure.

Sure enough, CNN actually does this. Check out this short interview with some wrestler dude. When asked about steroids, he practically admits to using them - and I don't doubt he has, look at that guy.

Now watch the unedited clip of the interview. He claims to have absolutely not used steroids, and then goes into the fairly articulate diatribe that was in the edited version. What a bunch of douche bags. They turned his no into a yes. What sort of magic are they using? Does it work with girls? Only if they are on TV? No complaints, those ones are hotter.

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