November 08, 2007


I've been gimping all week because of this damn church. Proof there's a god, a limpy knee as punishment for rock climbing? I could swear this wasn't the worst thing happening in the world saturday night, but he singled me out to be made an example of. At least I got a shitty photo - Jake and I on top, a first ascent of the South East Ridge of the Riverside Episcopal Church (5.3).

I think I tweaked it a little during the competition, I seem to recall some pain when it was finished. I did really well, at least if the goal was falling and tearing off chunks of skin. My two year comp hiatus seemed...long. You've got to see the results, 11th place in a local comp, yeah.

Then I might have had some beers. This is actually quite amazing. I had 10 pints of relatively dark premium, all somewhat equivalent to a new castle. A pint is 20 ounces, so that's the same as nearly 17 beers. At 150 calories each, I drank 2,500 calories of alcohol, an entire days worth. I seldom even eat that many. No wonder I rushed through the pain like a hyena, I woke up and couldn't straighten my leg.

UPDATE: It took a physics Ph.D. to correct me, but there are only 16 ounces in a pint. So I only drank nearly 14 beers at 2,000 calories. His conclusion, I should have had more.

At some point we ended up on top of the Riverside Museum of Art, with a great view of city lights. Buildering always makes me feel like a night ninja. If philosophy doesn't work out - I'm sure the job market can't be any worse.

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Johnclimbrok said...

it's like you're an art piece all of your own. You can get paid for that.

Alan Moore said...

but then i'd have to sell myself, and frankly, i cost too much.