November 07, 2007


Jesse is now older, I think it was a birthday or something. They do that, don't they - make you older. I came on down to Irvine to celebrate, we might have had a lot to drink. Vodka and redbull at the gym, then tequila back at his place. Then more vodka. Jesse blacked out. Al blacked out. That's a party, when half the people there can't remember.

On my way out of town I had to stop by the Hostess Bakery Outlet to get Jesse a present. I ride by it every day, but I never felt trashy enough to go inside. Then I saw this and come on, that's adorable. Death as cartoon character, it smacks of Joe Camel, but sweeter. Only a vegan can appreciate a blackberry pie made with beef fat. Mmmmmmm, that's good.

This is interesting, apparently the US is the most heavily armed country in the world. Not a big surprise I suppose, but hold up. The US has more guns than any other country - 9 guns for every 10 people? Second is Yemen, third is Finland. I'm not sure what I expected exactly, but this isn't it. Where is Iraq, don't they have like twenty AK47s per family or something? I mean, shouldn't some fucked up country be number 1? Wait...

Finally, this is brilliant - not Georgia on My Mind, but Georgia Bush. Ray Charles isn't exactly known for his political commentary, but hearing his voice behind a condemnation of Hurricane Katrina incites nostalgia for bygone days, a time before we all discovered that George Bush hates black people.

MP3: Lil Wayne: "Georgia...Bush"

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