October 30, 2007

Weekend in Guatemala

I feel like I'm in a cage here in Riverside - I had to get away. So I absconded for a weekend with Jacob, a weekend in Guatemala. A red eye flight got us to Guatemala city, then an eight hour bus ride got us to Flores. Twenty minutes later we had it all squared away, a plan where none existed before.

We woke up at 3:00 and got on a shuttle to Tikal, some old ass Mayan ruins. As the sun rose over the jungle, the howling monkeys came out with a vengeance, with shouts that echoed off of the decaying temples.

I borrowed a decent camera and Jacob rented a lens for it, I think the whole set up was worth nearly $4,000, decent. A list might be in order. I pinched the ass of a hot little tarantula but not in a sexual way, I did some posing, and Yolanda walked up some stairs. We met her at the train station and she knew enough spanish to figure out that the chick next to us didn't need to be saved from the old man hitting on her. Who gets a prostitute at 7:00 in the morning? Aren't whores like beer, best to wait till after noon?

I had to climb it - they are tall, I'm a climber. Many were too decrepit to touch, but there were those few that are in good shape. I had to climb it. Fuck the stairs.

Like anything else in life, ruins get boring too. So Jacob got some hops and I climbed the few solid structures I could find. We got yelled at a lot by the workers, apparently having fun is illegal in Guatemala, so it basically felt like home. No one on the tour liked us, we weren't nearly morose enough.

Final shot - the sunset in Flores. Night to light then light to night, I don't do that often. Jacob and I went through 6 liters of beer before peacing on an overnight bus. Back down south.

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Yolanda said...

Hey Al, your pics are great!!!....it was great to meet you guys, you did fry an egg in Pacaya!!...I actually did the hike a couple of days after you guys...however I did not get as close as you guys did it was hot enough from where I was standing...lol