October 31, 2007

Weekend in Guatemala Two

By 8:00 in the morning we were in Antigua, the old colonial capital of Guatemala. We stayed in a hostle, like proper backpackers or something. Next to Jacob is Rune, he was on the Tikal tour and said he thought we were dicks when he first met us. Like I said, we were having fun, not allowed. But I think he changed his mind, we weren't dicks, just fucking idiots. Rune's been traveling for a while, check out his blog if you care.

Time for plan two. We took a shuttle to Pacaya to see some lava. I think Volcanoes are cool, I'm probably the only one. Our bus driver was like Mad Max, don't let that smile fool you, tough as iron. There were all these kids selling walking sticks at the bottom, but they take them back when you get down like little fucking indian givers. My favorite one is hot with eye shadow and lipstick. I predict a great future in a bus station.

I'm like the naked chef or something, getting back to basics. And by basics I mean lava. These were probably the best eggs I've ever had, what luck considering I kept getting burned by molten rock. I'm the extreme cook to the maxx. I carried that damn frying pan all the way from the states, but that apron is pure Guatemala.

This was our crew, people picked up like it happens on trips. I was too close to the lava, which is hot by the way. Then once again, a sunset. If only they had some SoCal smog to make those colors more vibrant.

We got back late, drank a bottle of baijiu, the next day I bought a wooden snake, and then a flight to the states. 3.5 days that I didn't have to waste, with money I didn't have to spend. I hope this wanderlust leaves me some day. Or maybe I don't. I'm really not sure.

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