October 01, 2007

God Damn That's Cute

I used to think my heart was a frozen wasteland - devoid of flora, fauna, and love. Then I saw Justin cradling a baby black bear and it all just melted. That is so fucking cute. It gets even better. The bear was drugged so they could tag it, so its little head was rolling back and forth in a super cute way because of the tranquilizers. Ooooooooo I want one! I want a black bear now daddy! They probably get bigger and less like a ball of fur though, don't they? Can I lease one? Cuddle with it until it gets big enough to maul me and then release it back into the wild of SoCal.

The picture comes from Justin's blog of course. He's my hookup in the Yosemite Forest Service, so if anyone needs, I don't know, help tracking a large animal, let me know and I'll see what I can do. He owes me a few favors; being a philosopher has its perks.

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