September 11, 2007

Cowboys and Climbing

What a party, rednecks and white trash. Jake here was a rockstar, with the hat and the cig and the gun. Watch carefully on the left side, quick. These guns are toys, they cost about $5, but they are made of metal and feel too real. What's more fun than shooting your friends after a night of drinking. Uhh...nothing, except maybe looking at this photo of Sheila. She pulls off the look a little too well.

Five bucks rented us this moped. It's hard to imagine how hard it is to care about anything here when it all costs so little. Jake and I got a beer each for the night ride back, what's more fun than drinking and scooting? Until...the scooter died a mile from town, so we had to jump off and push when it got a little steep. The Chinese love little as much as seeing two westerners do what they do everyday. It's like the infatuation we have with reality tv, but less high tech and more likely to break. We held the moped for ransom until we got a refund, it took only half an hour of haggling.

Ways we've gotten home from Moon Hill, about a six mile drive: taxi bus, single bike, tandem bike, moped, mountain bikes from some French girls we met on top, a police escort, some random car, and a ride from some Chinese dude's motorcycle. Yea, that's three men and two packs on a single small bike, two of us drinking beer.

A few days ago I finished the first route at Odin's Den, Lesser Deity (13d). It's a powerful 70 feet of climbing, but that's nothing compared to its greater extension. See that cave, yea...the extension goes nearly to the top. My motivation is far too low this trip to give it a serious go, so Yangshuo gets a new open proj. Have I mentioned that I'm so over climbing right now? It all comes down to cleaning my draws off nearly 5 climbs. More like work than anything else.

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Johnclimbrok said...

Dude - grow a beard?

Lapissanat said...

How things stand at Leipi Shan crag, how many routes are there now?