September 25, 2007

Culture Shock

Oops, the shock has reversed itself on me, so I do the best to transport my thoughts to more comfortable times. A few final photos that I never got around to posting. You've got Abi Poppins there, sailing through the air on the Moon Swing using merely an umbrella. I totally didn't doctor it. To do the swing you have to climb Moon Walker (12d/b), I was short on draws so I onsighted it with just four. I think there are over ten bolts on the whole thing. I may have also been wearing a cowboy hat...not sure on that one.

While it's the Abi show, here she is on Flashdance (10b?), her first first ascent, completed in style. Abi you're a rock star, or maybe something else that rocks out, like an aerobics instructor.

Then we've got this guy, who is doubly chinese by the looks of things. He has a tattoo of himself on his chest. Notching up the class a bit, a suit photo, Jake in action. Walking to an interview? Hi, I'm here for the job. No? Then a business meeting?

I had to sit still in a class for four hours today. I don't know how to do that anymore. I've been checking travelzoo five times a day, waiting hoping for divine intervention to send me some cheap airfare out of this place. Weekend in central america repeat? Or perhaps the east coast for some sailing...

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Jacob said...

If you find some cheap airfare, you let me know. I'm so ready to get the fuck out of this country again.

Johnclimbrok said...

yeah, let me know if there's a cheap way to pay off my loans while you're at it - I'll ride with the luggage.