August 13, 2010

Horribly Negligent

It is unconscionable, I know, but in my defense, blogging isn't my highest priority in life. And I'm lazy. Rousseau was right, why did god make us so damn lazy? You want to get rid of sin, give us a constitution that allows for more productivity. 

Productivity is on my mind these days as I sit in SoCal frantically writing my prospectus. It's got to get done, may as well be now.

In the meantime, as I procrastinate with this post, here are some photos from last week's trip to Tuolumne. Long moderates were the norm, although an inspiring day on Peace makes me want to return. But, oh yea, the prospectus.

Charlotte lead all of Cathedral Peak. I got guided.
Party ledge on top.
Jumping off the lip at the Third Pillar of Dana.
Tenaya Lake, of course.

Charlotte on nubbins at Medlicott.

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