July 24, 2009

Rocklands Continues

It's absolutely gorgeous here. Not a whole lot more to report. The climbing is fun but soft. I can do 11s and 12s in half an hour! Look at that sky...

Amna is getting over a wrist injury, but it's slow. Here she is on a cool 7b traverse, gritting those teeth.

This pretty little thing is the Hatchling. I hear you can rock it back and forth with enough people. Check out Wick barely stick the crux below.

I've promised myself that I won't do any FAs, or contribute to the Rocklands climbing scene in any other way as well. After last season at Black Mountain, I'm sick of doing new stuff. I want the problems to be found, the chalk to be on the holds, and the beta to be whispered into my ear. Is that so much to ask?


J V said...

wait, seriously? Only one photo of Amna? You're getting soft, my friend (pun intended).

Classic Bloc said...

keep the updates coming!!

Classic Bloc said...

fun BUT soft? you use the word but as if the relativity of the grades has some direct relation to the "level of fun", quality, or how "classic", a boulder problem is.

are fun/not so fun , and soft/stiff dependent on eachother?

i say nay.

i have to give you shit, no one else is. YOUR IN ROCKLANDS

Olsen said...

Alan, I like your blog. Enjoy yourself in Rocklands. Cheers, Jamie

Nic Oklobzija said...

Dear Re-grader of the universe,

When is the Bible coming out? I am so glad that you find Nalle lame for climbing some dihedral and thinking it was hard.. what has he done?

who gives 2 shits about the v11 and below boulders and how soft or not soft they are. Adam Ondra did 2 v13 in a day (along with some other "easy" shit) and he didn't say that others are lame for thinking thoae boulders are hard or soft... HE JUST CLIMBED THEM.

Your blog is becoming a argument I have in the gym with Joe "Universe" over a v3 or v4 tag.

less about hard or soft (I look at porn for that) more about Alan..

nic Oklobzija said...


I love you and cannot wait to feel your embrace.

shannon said...

Haha, even Dominic is giving you shit now, I love it.

I'm also impressed with how you've managed to turn 8a into a venue for passive-aggressive insults of other strong climbers - nicely done.

shannon said...

This one always sucked though.