November 29, 2008

On Spending Frivolous

Look at that, my little sister is all grown up. She recently moved to Portland, so my family broke its typical routine to spend Thanksgiving up north. That state is damn cold. And it has lots of hipsters riding around on fixies. Other than that though, Portland is alright by me. Oh, the rain too. I hate the constant rain.

We stumbled upon (can you stumble upon a place you plan on going?) a chocolatier, well not exactly, more like a chocolate boutique. The two of us spent an hour sampling various chocolates, from the bitter kick at the end of 100% cacao to the evolving flavors of France's finest. Here's the embarrassing part - I spent $15 on a single bar of chocolate...three times. But to my defense, it's damn good chocolate, and I've got some philosophical uses for it.

Left Portland for a five hour trip to Ashland, spent Thanksgiving there, then ended up back in Portland for a flight home today. More photos to come.

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