May 03, 2008

Black Mountain

First day this season at Black Mountain, my beloved Tram is burning up in fires. There was a great group - was that too generous - maybe just a mediocre group. Dave took me on the Boulder Basin highball circuit for the warm up, woh. Poor Buzz Saw (V10) had to withstand the triple send from Ian, Aaron, and myself. I almost felt bad for it, but I've never been much for anthropomorphism. Here is a low quality video, way to shitty to get an embed.

Then Dave and I took off to the summit as Jake and Shira read the The Hobbit. We spent a bit figuring out Cracker Boy (B1) before heading over to some V10 crack.

All day I had to put up with Dave's old school grades. No V's - never. All he would give me were B0-B3, the old SoCal bouldering system. B0's are easy, B1's are harder, B3's have only been climbed once, and B2's are everything else. WTF?

We finished up the day with champaign at the OK Corral. Long drive back, then pizza, now philosophy. I don't like philosophy, it is to dependent on me. Why can't it write and read itself?

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Louie Anderson said...

Glad to see Buzzsaw is still seeing some action. Did you get on the one to the right (by the tree) this time?