April 26, 2008


On the way back form the Tram today, Jake and I stopped by those awesome dinosaurs in Cabazon. What an amazing piece of americana. If only we could have climbed them, one of my few regrets in life. They are building an entire dinosaur park here, to be open in a month! We spoke with Gary (that's right, THE Gary Kanter), and he offered to give us a private tour of the grounds next time we were in the area. We could be some of the first people to view the latest dinosaurs. What an honor.

Who the hell builds concrete dinosaurs in the middle of the desert. And then who turns these dinosaurs into a creationist museum? There are supposed to be frescoes inside of Dinny, you know, the brontasauras, but what could these look like? Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden with a triceratops? Frescoes? How European.

Get this, those frescoes cover the wall of a gift shop inside the brontasauras, and they used to put on puppet shows. That's awesome. All I've got to say is: Primordial soup, to the zoo, to you, is evolution true? Contend with that Mr. Scientist.


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