March 08, 2008


Some news from all over. I caught two cheaters in my class. One because she used 15 sources that weren't from the syllabus when everyone else used 3, and the other because he turned in his paper with the name of the original author on it. Dumbshits.

I'm grading papers right now, here is a quote: “If Costco were to be placed in their employees shoes, they would have been satisfied with the health insurance.” I know, I know, a singular noun deserves a singular pronoun, but I ignored that. My comment in the margins was simple. Corporations don’t have feet.

And finally, a super human trick. Shira here, that red headed seductress, has memorized pi to 50 decimal places. Fifty, easy right? Let's see...3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510. Nope. In one day she got e to 30 decimal places, one day! There is one hell of a brain on that woman.


Shira said...

How did you know I needed an ego-boost?

Johnclimbrok said...

Hey asshole, the poor guy just left out a word "Employers" "Higher-ups" etc.

TA's like you are bad person.