February 22, 2008

Milgram Experiment

This is fascinating. All it takes to make the majority of people electrocute someone to death is to be told to do so by a man in a lab coat. This is a recreation of the classic Milgram Experiment, in which subjects are told to shock a person if they get the answer wrong, all in the name of science. There really aren't any shocks, but an actor is making it sound like he is getting electrocuted. Most people give enough electricity to cause death.

Watching these people struggle with whether or not to continue with the electric shocks is difficult, up there with those sex scenes in the movies you would watch with your parents growing up. You kind of look away, but you are totally into it. And I've got to say, why is the word for frying someone with electricity a combination of "electro" and "cute?" I feel like digi-pets (remember those!) are electro-cute, but murder is electro-asshole.

So the question: would you have gone all the way to 450 volts? I think I might have.


Patrick Cassiday said...

very witty mr. moore... how's grad school? kinda a bitch having to pay for that useless degree isn't? next year when I go, they'll pay me, thank you US government, I will learn how to make super mutant ninja mice!

Alan Moore said...

you think i pay for my schooling? do you know who i am? fuck that, they pay me.