October 23, 2007

Fire Fire

SoCal is burning up - reports put the displaced between 500,000 and a million people. I really can't count that high, but I assume a million is larger than ten, the number of fingers I have. Wait, I can actually count to eleven, but it's still got to be bigger.

Jesse was forced out of Irvine by the smoke and slept on my floor last night after a marathon grading session. His kids get to answer a creativity question on their exams, update an ancient myth to a modern setting for a Hollywood film. I'd cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Icarus, a troubled teen from a broken home. If only someone can dispel his demons to find the young man inside. But then comes Prometheus (John Travolta), a gunslinger displaced in time, come to the future to save himself from the past he can not escape, even if it destroys us all. Only one man can stand up to him: Gilgamesh, played by Kate Blanchett, because you see Gilgamesh is really a woman who has been living a lie, a lie that weighs her down like the pendant she holds in her tired hands as she cries herself to sleep. Then Icarus flies too close to the sun and dies.

Times like this make me wish I could make some sweet biblical references to the folly of man's hubris, but all I have is this video. Something about it seems inappropriate given the circumstances, but by inappropriate I mean perfect. I've got a feeling our war would make it into Billy Joel's list if he ever gets out of his drug stupor and updates his song.


Anonymous said...

Billy Joel is not in a drug stupor. He is actively touring in Canada and the U.S. through December. Your smarmy comment about him is so invalid that it negates the premise of your entire blog.

Alan Moore said...

Click on the new link in the original post smartass. So says Wikipedia:

In 2002 Joel entered Silver Hill Hospital, a substance abuse and psychiatric center in New Canaan, Connecticut. In March 2005 he checked into the Betty Ford Center, where he spent 30 days.

A productive professional life is not indicative of a healthy personal life - especially when you are dealing with artists and musicians. Served.

Johnclimbrok said...

who the fuck ever listens to anonymous anyway?