November 17, 2007

Elephant Man

I had my second go seeing Nick's play on Thursday, somehow I managed to get there on time. An accident, I'm sure. I could never pull that off on purpose. I'm like a gas - I expand to fill the time I've got to get ready. Give me ten minutes or an hour, I'll be five minutes late, guaranteed. Or later.

Nick managed to pull it off. Through sheer force of personality and skill he made a cast of high schoolers interesting. Don't ask me how, you know they're nothing but a bunch of cocksuckers.

This photo is from my favorite scene, when the young co-ed takes her top off so the elephant man can see her boobs. It all happens behind a screen because Nick is a tease like that, but it's probably better that way since she's like really really young. Senior year of high school, does that make her 14? Do kids even have breasts at that age? It kind of made me feel dirty, but I liked it.

Today I found the CD of Embarrassment that Abi and Colton were generous enough to make me in China. These were shot at the Lizard Lounge, my chinese living room. I had trouble taking Scotty seriously after seeing him do the macho man thing on the boulder pad. I think he might have been drinking. And Tyson is just awesome. I think he might have been drinking as well.

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Johnclimbrok said...

I think Tyson just beat my best burp ever. Like, ran mine over like a freight train. Holy shit.